Imagine Catty and Stanton socializing and opening up and bonding during The Final Eclipse. Because they only have and trust each other, and they have “betrayed” the ones they love. Imagine it. It’s cute. They would be adorable friends.

Man, I want that so bad

I feel like they could sit together and judge people at the Nefandus clubs.

Stanton can make an old man pun like, “You’re real catty tonight” and Catty just stares at him until he shifts uncomfortably.

Oh god.

Dad!joke Stanton.

i like how he’s supposed to be all smooth and tortured love interest but then he’s like YOU WERE GOING TO HAVE SEX IN A VAN??????? god, i lived in a hovel, but even i wouldn’t fuck a girl in a van

I love all of this.


The Original Four Vanessa, Serena, Jimena, Catty

I’m going to ace geometry. It’s a lot better than walking through hell. — Sudi, from Lynne Ewing’s Sisters of Isis #4: The Haunting (via ewingfan)

Anonymous asked: dotm fan-fic: what Tymmie thinks of everything going down during the series and how he fits into all of it.


I hope this hits what you’re looking for, anon! 


An unlit, half-smoked cigarette is perched between his lips as he leans back against the trunk of a dead tree. Probably dried out from the California sun, too much heat for it to keep going without moisture to balance it all out. He doesn’t hide in the shadows like he’s used to doing.

Not here, where nothing remains but hollowed-out mobile homes and the rats who like to infest them. Dirty homeless who come to claim the land after even the undesirables couldn’t call it home anymore. Tymmie doesn’t need to hide when there’s nobody here that will recognize him, will try to reach out to him like this is an episode of Oprah.

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Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts about Serena's final choice in The Final Eclipse? When I finished the book, I wasn't really sure what to think of her choice to (Spoiler Alert) stay with Stanton in Nefandus and I felt a bit strange about it. How do you feel?

I thought Serena’s choice was predictable, honestly. I always suspected she would go that route, especially after Possession. Not only is it standard for many YAs to have the girl run off with the Dark&Mysterious™ supernatural boy, but Chekhov’s gun is also at play a bit. (In this case, why give Serena a third choice, unlike the other Daughters, if she doesn’t end up choosing that choice?)

I must admit, I do kind of wish Serena hadn’t chosen this, and that she had instead returned to Earth with Vanessa, like Lynne Ewing made us believe for a second. It would have completely defied expectations of not only this series, but the YA genre as a whole. This doesn’t mean I hate her ultimate choice, though; I just happen to be a sucker for twists like this!

Since Serena did go with this choice, I’m glad there was still some kind of sacrifice involved, keeping it from being a “have your cake and eat it too” scenario. This particular sacrifice—being stuck in Nefandus and never able to see her friends and family again—is even sadder in retrospect, though. What if things don’t work out with Stanton, making her regret choosing his world over her own? (A lot can change when you’re able to spend eternity with someone, after all. She may even begin to resent him the more she feels homesick.) And what about Collin? Poor guy didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye to his sister. Her choice is going to wreak havoc on him for the rest of his life.

While wanting to turn Nefandus into a world of light is noble on Serena’s part, repercussions are still inevitable for both herself and her loved ones, so I’m not surprised this scene would leave some feeling strange…


Anonymous asked: post/92110071835/5-times-catty-had-gay-thoughts-about-vanessa-or-vice can you do the same for jimena/serena?



Jimena feels her lip curling up in distaste the moment she meets the other girl, with her blue-green hair and purple lipstick clashing. She’s thin and she’s quiet, some sort of instrument case resting against her thigh as she stares at both her and the older woman sitting on the park bench.

It’s the same women she saw in her premonition the night before, in the exact spot. The woman she definitely recognizes. She was in her dreams, soothing and soft, and when Jimena went to check out her apartment building, she was definitely there. Definitely real.

The younger girl, maybe around her age, turns to look up at her as she approaches. And there’s a sudden shock that both distance and a premonition couldn’t have shown her: close up, this girl is probably one of the most beautiful girls she’s ever seen.

Jimena clenches her jaw unconsciously, trying to not think about her choppy dark hair, rough clothes, and the permanent etching on her face that says she’s done time before the age of fourteen.

The girl’s purple lips tug into a wide grin, green eyes sparkling as she nudges the older woman gently with an elbow. “You’re beautiful, too,” she tells Jimena, who scowls to cover a blush.

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They’re so perverse. They make vampires look like angels. — Maddie, from Lynne Ewing’s Sons of the Dark #2: Escape (via ewingfan)
She didn’t even know who she was anymore. She was letting too many people define her… — Vanessa Cleveland, from Daughters Of The Moon: Moon Demon (via fivegoddesses)


I don’t like the way the Daughters changed so much in [The Prophecy]. Why did you make them like that?

Well, Jimena has been feeling really insecure because she’s been having flashbacks from past lives. Catty simply changed her wild lifestyle because she’s growing, and maturing. Serena has been getting more intimately involved with Stanton and leaving her friends because of something that happened in between The Prophecy and The Becoming.”

(From a letter written and sent by Lynne Ewing.)

I honestly wish we had had more of Jimena and her transformation into Pandia, or if she could even maintain Jimena’s presencewhich she admitted was slipping away from her. It makes one extend their sympathy to her (and Collin, who likely recognizes the transformation is important to humanity while ultimately hoping Jimena stays Jimena). Catty’s evolution as a character was executed flawlessly throughout the series, might I add. She grows into her role as a mature, thoughtful young woman rather than an impulsive teenager, realizing how serious her destiny as a goddess and Keeper of the Scroll truly is. And, ahem, I’m convinced the “intimate involvement” Serena began to place in her relationship with Stanton wasmaybe, probably, definitely—related to sex, which would clearly explain her attachment to him. Cough, cough.



My favorite books in the series are Moon Demon, Into The Cold Fire, and The Choice. What about you? Which book(s) is your favorite?

Mine is The Final Eclipse. :)


Title: Alpha And Omega
Rating: T (Language)
Summary: Zahi is a master of deceit. He’s like a chameleon. He can mold his personality to show you only the person you want to see…” They were comrades and they were enemies. An exploration of the relationship between Stanton and Zahi.
Note: Here’s a link to the original story on FanFiction.Net.


It is 1923 when they meet. America is a glittering landscape of liberty, a beacon of prosperity and wealth. Jewels and riches.

“You’re the European prince, yes?” The man – a boy, actually, just like Stanton, although their path to manhood had arrived the moment the icy flames hugged their eager bodies – is wearing a disheveled button-up shirt, scarlet red, and the smell of sweat and cigarettes clings to him. Stanton offers him a hand, but the boy – with caramel-colored skin and coffee-brown eyes – merely lights a cigar.

“Was I interrupting you?” Stanton scans the squalor around him. It’s a meager apartment complex, the hallway carpet patterned with stains, and from what Stanton can glimpse of through the front door to the boy’s apartment is a similar sight; dirty old books scattered across the floor, walls eggshell white, the floor marred with brown and black splotches.

The boy snorts, a plume of smoke escaping through his nose. “No. I just finished.”

“Who is she? A Follower? Or…?”

“One of us,” he answers plainly, casting a bored glance behind him. “What do you want?”

Stanton, cocking his head every so slightly, offers the boy a wry smile. “To meet you. I’ve learned of your accomplishments, and how quickly you came about them. I’m impressed.”

“I am pleased to meet your standards, prince,” the boy responds, his tone a mockery of generosity. “But you and I know both know your answer is a lie.”

“We’re all liars,” Stanton smoothly responds, “and it should come of no surprise to somebody so ambitious and intelligent. Or so I’ve heard of you.”

The boy sighs heavily. “More compliments, no?” Leaning against the door frame, he eyes Stanton intensely, and the prince responds similarly – having never been one to behave like a dog, averting its gaze in shame when confronted with a creature of higher importance and prowess. This boy is delicate. Breakable. New. His ascension to immortality in such a short frame of time is, indeed, admirable. However, those who stand firm fall harder and swifter than those who delegate their talents.

“I am merely congratulating you.”

“You are a liar,” the boy seethes, piquing Stanton’s amusement; the bitterness rolls off of him in waves, and the prince wants nothing more than to bask in it, to further push this boy over the edge. “You are establishing your presence. You are letting me know who’s the ‘king’ and who’s the ‘peasant.’ I will have none of your merde.”

Stanton laces his fingers through his hair, as to convey a sense of nervousness, although his crooked smile deceives him. “I deeply apologize for offending you. Truly. Next time I will exercise greater sensitivity.”

The boy’s nostrils flare. “There won’t be a next time, Stanton. And if there is, I am sure you will be nothing more than a servus licking the dog shit off my boot.”

“If you say so, Zahi.”

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Somebody should write a fanfic exploring the relationship between Zahi and Stanton. Their interactions over the decades. When they first met. What was happening on the sidelines during Into The Cold Fire. I am. Slowly. But it’s an interesting idea, and I don’t want to fuck it up. I’m rusty. Ugh.




Girls had a right to enjoy the night, to run wild under the moon and stars, not stay home huddled behind bolted doors.

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