pens-and-feathers asked: Holy shiiiiit I thought I was alone These books were my LIFE, man. Nobody I knew read them but I loved them. And so I'm really glad there are other people who loved them as much as I did :)


Nope, you are not alone! And I, too, am happy about the surprising number of people who still enjoy and appreciate the Daughters of the Moon series. Thank you for messaging and following!

Daughters of the Moon will forever be my favorite series. I’m always happily surprised to find other fans here on Tumblr, too! :)



I’ve been gaining a lot of followers lately for both my blogs on Tumblr. Ewingfan officially has 200+, and Edgyauthor has 400+.


Many thanks to everyone who has taken a chance on either (or both!) of these blogs. You’re all awesome! I hope you guys continue to enjoy the silly things I end up posting…

Followers → Cassandra, Kelly, and Yvonne

Followers Cassandra, Kelly, and Yvonne


Anonymous asked: your fanfics are very good,thank you for writing them :) can you write more fanfics about stanton?


One Stanton fic, incoming! I hope you enjoy, anon.

She doesn’t expect him.

It’s obvious the moment Vanessa’s aware of him in the room, and the look of surprise on her face, her ever-innocent eyes wide, bring a smile to Stanton’s lips. It’s the barest of tugs at first, a twitch of muscles as he takes in the sight of her face illuminated by her amulet. She’s not expecting him, but she should have been.

She should at least have not been surprised to see him, if anything.

“Hi,” Vanessa finally says, watching him as he takes a seat on the edge of her desk.

She’s wary, but not for the reasons she should be. That’s good. He likes that change in her, likes someone seeing him and not being afraid. A stillness ripples through Stanton as he takes that thought in and lets it roll over and over in his mind until he can’t stand it.

Since when has he cared whether or not someone sees him as a monster? It’s what he is. What he’s chosen to be. What he embraced.

Her eyes are still wide and blue and innocent, and he can’t understand how she carries that when he knows her.

Vanessa Cleveland is not innocent.

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First among sinners, first among sufferers.


First among sinners, first among sufferers.